I really need a tummy tuck & breast reduction after big weight-loss(male/25)

  • swacker25
  • 1 year ago

I used to weigh over 340lbs and now I weigh 208lbs. I have loads of saggy, extra skin on my chest and lower stomach area, I met with a surgeon who told me I would have to pay 14K, but I do not have the funds because I can't get a decent job in my situation as a undocumented dreamer. I really am in desperate need of it and I feel really self-concious and really depressed all the time. I even opened a donation site a week ago and not one penny has been donated. I'm just really sick of this crappy life and body. It would be nice to atleast look normal...my question is that how can I find a good pro bono plastic surgeon? I think it's really unfair how ppl like on biggest loser get all that for free...

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