Tummy tuck and breast implants in Windsor, Ontario?

  • mommyto6
  • Ontario, Canada
  • 5 years ago

I'm just wondering, who had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation performed in Windsor, Ontario and by whom? Were you happy with your results? How was their bedside manner, etc? How were you treated?

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Mommy to 6:

I had gastric bypass surgery one year ago, have lost almost 90 pounds and have had a tummy tuck. I feel like a new person! I was not the traditional sure heavy candidate but dr approved it because of my diabetes and high blood pressure and history of problems keeping weight off. My husband was hesitant. Had mine done in NC, but would be glad to answer questions. Had gastric bypass on Tuesday and was back at work the next Monday. Would be glad to answer any questions for you.
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Mommyto6, When choosing your cosmetic surgeon, ask about their Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada qualifications. Not all cosmetic surgeons are Plastic Surgeons, some are not even surgeons at all. Unfortunately the situation in Ontario is such that you the patient has the responsibility to check your doctor's qualifications. This site is great because doctors listed on here had to prove their qualifications before being listed. Another good site to look at is RateMD.com although that site is not verified so you have to be more critical of what you read there... Look at the plastic surgeon section to find your surgeon. Sincerely, Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Hi mommyto6,

Here are links to a few reviews from others in Ontario (they don't mention what city).

Ontario breast implant reviews and recommendations

Ontario tummy tuck reviews and recommendations

Scroll to the bottom right to read the reviews. Hope this helps!

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I had a TT & lipo & facelift from Dr Kalia in Pte Edward (Bluewater surgery near Sarnia). I was very happy with the results. It does mean a bit of a drive but I felt very comfortable with him & his surgical team --- I had consults with 2 Windsor cosmetic surgeons and I just wasn't completely satisfied. There is a website ratemd.ca where you can check up on a doctor's track record & style. Remember that not everyone will be satisifed all the time but its a good reference point. Good luck
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