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Tummy Tuck and aggressive weight lifting, is there a limit?

  • lifterPaul
  • Colorado
  • 3 years ago

Say 1 year or more post op and the person is back in shape. Basically we all have personal limits but if I had prior to surgery been able to say bench press 300 pounds, squat 400 pounds deadlift 500 pounds would I recover strength back to pre op provided I built myself back up after the tummy tuck.

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Good idea. I'll ask, but one would think that if the sutures used on the inside are all dissolving kind that wouldn't matter.
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I would ask a sportsmedicine Dr on this one. Maybe one of the PS's can comment on incision strength related to your sport.
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Anybody out there know an answer to this? Will my body bounce back with presumming I heal fully, properly if you will, then work my way back slowly to lifting shape?
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