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Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Surgery

  • 3 years ago

Just wondering how many people are having a Tummy Tuck as a result of weight loss surgery.

I'm having weight loss surgery in January and I'm sure I'll be needing TT/Body Lift in the future.

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I had gastric bypass in 2000 and lost 135#. I am having an extended TT and lipo to outer thighs (and hopefully inner thighs).
Would also love to have inner thigh lift as well as breast lift - but not going to get them done. Good luck to you.
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Hi Scuffy,

135 lbs is awesome. Congratulations. I hope you're surgeries go well for you, sounds like you've been waiting for it for quite a while.

It would be great if you would write a review of your bypass surgey. It would really be helpful to the weight loss surgery community. You can write a review by using this link.

Take care,


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My tummy tuck was due to dropping 70 pounds.  My double muffin top was hanging!!  There is no way the skin would have gone away without cutting it off.

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Wow, congratulations on the 70 pounds Kim. That's awesome!

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