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tummeric as a swell preventor

  • 46 and FAB
  • 1 year ago

Hi all! Im po almost 7 weeks and have been taking tummeric in liquid and caplet form since po 3. My swelling has been minimal. I had tt, mr and lipo. I have seen a few people trying it so I wanted to see how your results have been. I am a thumbs up and I know when I run out my swelling kicks in. Any comments?

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Hi lady's! I've been using turmeric since my 3dpo! I'm 2week po today! I get a little swollen in the afternoon but manageabe, I'm a true believer, I grate the root and make tea and I also have the capsules for when I ran out of the fresh turmeric! I'm happy I did this surgery and I'll do it again in an heart beat:) happy healing lady's!!!
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Hi there, I've been looking getting some of this, can I ask why you are taking both liquid and caplets? Thanks
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The caplets are mostly curcumin and coupled with the liquid gives a boost. I have an herbalist and I trust what she says. Forgot the caplet today! Yikes!
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