• turbo111222333
  • 3 years ago

I got my sutures removed from my new bellybutton on Thursday and of course, I still have gauze and clean it, but I became worried this afternoon. It feels like a tugging and stinging sensation from the inside. Anybody know what I mean? It's still spotting from cleaning it, but nothing major. It's the inside, a tugging sensation. Has anyone else experienced this?

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You are going to feel tugging and pulling from the belly button on down for a while.  Tight with a tummy tuck is a good thing:)

The nerves are regenerating so you will start to feel more and more sensations.
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Thank you Kimmers. I was beginning to worry I was the only one and even called my PS in panic! lol
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You are definitely not alone with this one :)  We all "Feel" your pain. 

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