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Doing only a TT without BA/BL

  • working mum losing weight
  • San Jose, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hi, despite having deflated breasts (with not much tissue left after breastfeeding 2 children for 10 months each), has anyone just done only a TT or not TT with BA and BL? I feel so conflicted..Getting something foreign in the body and hearing about all these possible issues with capsular contracture (?) and bottoming out, rupturing it worth going thru the risk of replacement or another surgery in 10 yrs? Looks like TT is totally worth it since once recovered, ppl are doing well for the rest of their lives!   I guess I'm not able to put a measure on how will life be after BA / BL? I dont wear low cut dresses or shirts or bikinis, so how can I analyze the pros/cons. TT is worth to me since some of the traditional Asian wear exposes the tummy region..          

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