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Has anyone had a TT done while on their period?

  • mrsRJinSC
  • Rock Hill, SC
  • 2 years ago

I'm just curious if a TT can still be performed and if anyone has gone through the procedure while on their period? Thanks.

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I had mine two weeks ago, and on day 2 of my cycle. Ugh, it was not fun. Manageable, but in the hospital they had to change my pad and bedding and stuff so it was a little iffy. Plus, I had to get a cath a few times and that was just a disaster (of course male nurse too). Oh well. It wasnt that huge of a deal. Nothing would keep me from doing it. Glad you wont have to deal with it though!
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Doubt it really matters, but I tried to schedule mine when I knew I wouldn't be menstruating ( there really is only so much blood I can manage at one time. ) I will say I can't even wax my legs during menstruarion, I'm just way too sensitive. So my common sense said schedule around it.
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Thanks for the comments ladies. My "friend" started yesterday so I think I will be good to go for 6/21! Yahooo!! One less thing to stress over!
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I expected to start the day of my procedure, ended up starting the day before. Usually my first day its heavy, but it wasnt bad. I changed my tampon right before I went back at the drs office, then they put a pad in my pants when I left, and gave me an underpad for the seat of my car. I had only leaked a little by time I got home. I was able to handle my toileting without too much trouble. My hunny helped me to the can and fetched my items for me. We made a game of guessing the color of the
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My TT is scheduled the day after yours, but I wondered about this too (it's gonna be iffy for me, the cycle is all over the place lately). There is at least one discussion on RealSelf where the doctors have answered that they can do the procedure whether a woman is on her period or not, so medically speaking there should be no reason to postpone it unless one is anemic at the time. From a convenience point of view, it depends on your situation I guess. Sorry if this is TMI, but I haven't heard much discussion about people needing to be wiped by someone else, so presume we can handle our own toileting needs for the most part. Just a matter of making sure whatever we're sitting on is well protected, yes? Maybe somebody else has another viewpoint though.
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