TT w/o MR

  • kos22
  • 2 years ago

am having a BA without lift and skin only TT on August 13th. I cant find any before after pics, or why someone would qualify for this procedure. My surgeon is amazing and a salesman type, seems to really takeĀ  the facts in and give a professional opinion. I have had 2 children, which with each got either to the 200 lb mark, I'm only 5' 1". Also, when I was 20, I went from 125 to 160 within 9 months due to lifestyle change and the depo birth control shot. After my first child, I was on the path to getting in shape again, and then of course, get pregnant again. Now that Ive reached my goal of being at an athletic body fat percentage and weight, 115lbs, I have loose skin. Besides my lower belly, all the other skin is managable and I believe can be tightened.The belly area is awful, the surgeon even asked if i had twins. I lost my weight in a healthy manner with healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise... no "secret" diet. I am 17% body fat and above my belly button have ab muscle definition... After checking if I had seperation, which I have less then one finger using the belly button gap technique, he said muscle repair isnt necessary and my muscle tone is great. I would like alternative opinons... Anyone? Professional or anyone who has gone through it!! tried to upload a pic, wont allow me!!