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Does TT w/ muscle repair make your abs work properly again?

  • jgeezie
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I'm 34 y.o. 5'2", 112lbs  (you can check out my review for more details) & am experiencing lower back pain/pulled chest muscles as a result of diastasis caused by my 2nd pregnancy. I'm having a full TT with diastasis repair (& umbilical hernia repair) on 3/6 to resolve the problem. Can I expect that my ab muscles will work normally again afterwards? Will I have a strong core to support my lower back, so that my chest muscles won't need to compensate? Will I be able to go back to regular ab exercises? In time & w/ exercise, can I get a 6pack again?   I am so worried about this and would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone has.  this is the ONLY reason I am having a TT, so I want to be sure it will work.

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Hi jgeezie! I feel amazing! Kinda like being 'new' again -- it's hard to explain...I pulled my back over New Year's Eve weekend by lifting and carrying my 30+ lb niece ~ I should have known better but she's only 16 mos. old & so cute! I took flexerill for a couple of days until it settled back down. (and no lifting nieces or nephews).

I did have a lot of back pain the first 3-4 days after surgery! My PS warned me about this and to resolve it, he had me take a valium every morning & evening. This worked for me! Also using a couple of pillows under my knees as I'm a side sleeper and had to stay on my back for almost 6 weeks. I still use a pillow!

I really think it was worth it! For me, it was a combination of losing weight and the MR. I'm confident I'll have less problems in the future. I don't think it will ever completely go away, but become less of a problem.
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Thanks so much for your thoughts-- very helpful! My abs are about the same-- 3" separated about 7" vertical. Do you think, even without full workouts yet, that your back pain is getting better simply by having your muscles in the right position? Or does your back still hurt?
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Hi, I had a full TT/MR at the end of Oct. It's a looooong slooooow recovery/healing process. I too have a problem with lower back pain, poor core conditioning, and often pull my back & end up on muscle relaxers. My PS said he repaired my abs 8" vertically and at the worst part, 2" wide. That's a lot of repair work! He hasn't cleared me for full ab work outs yet....I'm a little over 3 mo post op. I saw him last week and he tells me most of the internal healing is done but wants me to take it easy a little longer to be on the safe side. I'm looking forward to working out & finally seeing real results but I'm giving myself to the end of Feb before starting. I want to make sure everything is good to go!

I'm sooooo glad I did a full TT and MR! It's been wonderful for me! I wish I had done this a long time ago (I'm 45) but still happy I did it! Only you can decide for sure if this is the right thing for you! It does take your body a while to get to a healed state - I didn't realize how long it takes! In fact, I'm still swilled at the incision line and probably will be for a while longer....

Good luck! and keep us posted on your progress! Remember, don't rush your recovery! One day at a time.... :-)
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