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TT tomorrow! Yikes. Need your help with where to place the incision!

  • jellybeanbelly
  • Idaho
  • 1 year ago

Still working today and haven't had time to determine where I should put my TT scar. PS said I can pick.  I seem to prefer the straight lines rather than the curvy ones. I assume the downside of the straight lines is that the line is a bit high for a lower cut bikini.  Since I haven't warn a bikini in 20 years that doesn't even seem like a possibility right now.  There is too much fat there right now that I can't even imagine where a bikini line would be anyway.  I generally prefer hi cut underwear so maybe that means that I need the "smiley face" or slightly turned up scar line.  Please send me your thoughts and soon. Surgery tomorrow!

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What did you go with?
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I went with something that will hopefully allow me a little high arch on the upper thigh of swim suits but told him that I wanted it as straight across as possible. They don't do "straight" but the incisions with the slight curve. My tape is still over my stiches so I can't really see the incision yet. What's really funny to me is that I almost didn't get a TT because I freaked out looking at pictures of the scars and the incisions. When I look at myself in the mirror now, it is the farthest thing from my mind because the rest of me looks so much better than I ever imagined I could. My husband is a bit freaked about the incision, probably because he didn't know it would be so big and didn't study this procedure on line like I did for months prior to doing it! Hopefully he will get over that when the scar fades in a few months. Have you had your procedure yet?
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