TT scheduled in 2 weeks!

  • Washington3289
  • 3 years ago

This forum has been amazing!! It has helped alleviate so many fears and answer a ton of my questions! I'm anxious yet excited to get the procedure done and start the healing process! The countdown has begun...14 days...

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Yay! I'm so happy for you. :-D What a relief.

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They were briefs that came just below my belly button. I wear a size 5 panties normally and his were a size 30-32. With the swelling and the drains to be honest it felt best to not wear any underwear for a few days. I had bought some of those throw away bed potector pad that I laid on the bed to protect the sheet so it didn't really matter that I had none on. I bought the wife beater style mens t-shirs and I pinned the drains to them or the top of drawstring pj pants, then I put along t-shirt over the top of that to walk around the house. I only had one drain, but it was still a pain in the rump. I just got it out a few days ago and I was so glad. I am going to give you my top tips:

1. Hospital Bed (with waffle pad)
2. Walker (helped so much with hunching back pain)
3. Grabber for picking stuff up - Target or amazon
4. Water, cranberry juice, jello, low sodium soup, fruit, pruned (yuk), saltine crackers
5. lanyard or something to hand drain on to shower
6. Bath wipes from the drug store for in between showers.
7. Colace for constipation - which will happen!
8. Firm pillow to hold dn tummy if you sneeze!
9. lots of stretch warm up pants with wide soft band (I got champion from target)

Remember...You will only have a 4-5 rough days and then a very quick improvement. I was out walking around target and eating out by day 7 and I am 50, so don't worry! I am day 12 now and I am about to go out shopping for wedding flowers for my daughter. I feel really normal except for some swelling! My ps told me starting day 5 to get up, stand up straight as possible and move, as the circulation would aid in healing., so that's what I did! Best of luck to you!!!
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In regards to wearing your hubby's undies, what kind were they? Boxers, briefs, etc? Just trying to figure out what I should get. What did you pin your drains too?
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Yes, that's terrific. You will definitely need that time, with such a physical job. I'm so glad you won.
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I work in a hospital and have to move/transfer patients, push beds and equipment. It can be physically demanding, but I can ask for help when needed. I just feel better knowing that I have 3-4 weeks to recover. Such a HUGE relief for me!
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Woo Hoo! That will be awesome. Depending upon what you do, you should be able to work by then.

I will be 3 weeks on Wed., and go back to work on Thursday. Hubby will be around also, so if I feel poorly, I will be able to go home early.
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HR just informed me that I CAN use my sick time for the first three weeks (as that's what my doctor said I would need), and I can use my vacation time for the fourth week!!!!!

If he hasn't released me back to work come the fourth week, HR will revisit the use of sick hours for the last week.

I'm so happy I cried. Now that I can stop worrying about getting paid while I'm off (and potentially not having adequate time to recover)...I'm gonna go shop for some granny panties and Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil!! LOL!
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Congrats! You might want to re-think the granny panties though. I bought 6 of them and tried to wear them, but with the drains and all that they didn't work because they came up too high. This is funny, but I wore my husbands underwear the first couple of days while down south was swollen, then moved on to no underwear, then by day 6 was wearing 1 size bigger than my normal bikini's. My best purchase was the hospital bed and the Gopher Grabber from Target that I used to pick stuff up when I couldn't bend over. Best of luck to ya!!!!
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Sharon - I couldn't echo your sentiments more!!

Like I discussed with the HR rep that was initially on my "case", I said, what if this was a breast reconstruction due to cancer removal - would that qualify??! She said "well let me ask you, is that what this is?" wrong question to ask my love! I advised her that the details would be kept between my dr and myself and she wasn't privy to that information. So that tells me that it IS someone's decision and it's not as cut and dry as it should be. Not good. I let her know that just because this is a ps, that doesn't mean that's all they do - they do skin grafts, hernia repair, etc. I advised my HR that if I don't receive a satisfactory response by cob Wednesday, that I'd be requesting a meeting with our COO. I've already scheduled that meeting for 4pm this Thursday in anticipation of needing it.

What kills me is that this is MY choice to have this done and it's NONE of their business. Heck, I could be having a sex change operation - it's still MY choice and option to take time off from my job. Not to mention that I work for a hospital - makes it that much more frustating!!

The unnecessary stress and emotional roller coaster that HR has put on me is killing me. Like we don't have enough to worry about pre-surgery!

7 days to go...
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Oh my, you work for a hospital and this is happening?! That would be funny if it wasn't so sad. They should know better than anybody that your medical details are confidential. *sigh* I feel so frustrated for you. Here's hoping you get a good response by Wednesday.

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Oh, and side note:

Just having skin removal and muscle lipo - thank goodness! LOL!
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Love hearing everyone's stories! It does give me some hope. I'm 36 yrs old so I'm hoping my "youth" helps me in the recovery process!

Update: 9 days till surgery - YIKES!!

I'm still going round and round with HR as I'm fighting tooth and nail to be able to utilize my sick hours. I get that this "elective" surgery isn't covered under FMLA, but it does qualify under LOA. They are fighting me simply because my dr is a ps. They have NO idea WHAT surgery I'm having, nor are they privy to that information (love HIPAA!). So, as of right now, I'm waiting for them to "review" my request. If they still come back saying I can't use my sick hrs, I'll be requesting a meeting with a higher up. Point blank: I will fight this!

I'm getting nervous as all can be regarding the surgery - having all kinds of dreams! I just want it to be over and start the recovery process.
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OMG, what a nightmare! I hope it works out for you.

I don't know if it will come to this, but your doc being a PS shouldn't make a bit of difference. Breast reconstruction, scar revisions, cancer surgery, burns, congenital abnormalities, etc... are all done by plastic surgeons. And most of those are, technically, elective. So your doctor's qualifications shouldn't matter. It's your sick time, after all. Grr, it makes me so angry when people think plastic surgery is all about "plastic" and has nothing to do with physical or emotional wellbeing.

Sorry for the rant!

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Not all plastic surgery is elective. That really just shows their ignorance. Mine was approved as medically necessary by my insurer, and I was able to use FMLA leave and use my sick hours while I'm off, but not without battle with my employer. Just know the laws that protect you under FMLA and stand up for yourself.
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How frustrating!

I'm day 17 post op, and could not even THINK about working yet. Oh, if I had to, I guess I could, but I'd be dead by the end of the day.

I'm going back next Thursday; I only work 3 days a week out of the home. The rest of the week, I work from a home office, so will do that when I feel like it. As long as I answer the phone, that's the main thing.

Best of luck to you!
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Hey my new start and Washington, its awsome you two are having your surgeries around the same time. You are both very brave ladies. My newstart i cannot find you on here to check out your story.
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Hi mels,.
I finally posted a review How are you?
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You are an inspiration to many I'm sure, beating breast cancer!
I am sorry to hear your trouble with work :(
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I'm scheduled for March 1st too! Just scared as to how I'll be physically come 2 weeks and time to go back to work. I know I'm a very determined person (I'm a young breast cancer survivor) and I have the mindset to do this. Just very frustrated that my employer is making this so difficult. They don't even know specifically what surgery I'm having, just that it's elective and therefore NOT covered.
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My good friend is having hers March 1st and only could get 2wks also.
I read on here about a brave soul starting a brand new job on day 11 post op!
As women (we are stronger then men) when we put our minds to something we can do it.
I guess it all depends on how much you want it.
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Never thought I'd have so many obstacles to overcome! My ps completed my FMLA paperwork, only to have my employer deny them (didn't know they could!). So then, my option was to request a leave of absence - which my manager granted. I had enough sick time to cover the 4 weeks off I requested...only to have HR refuse to allow me to use a single sick hour (didn't know they could do that too)!! So now, I have to use all my vacation time, which is only enough for two weeks off. So much for a nice recovery period. I'm so stressed out and have cried too many tears already. Makes me, unfortunately, question my decision to have this done. Any thoughts? Anyone else have issues trying to get time off from work?
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Hi Washington,

Maybe I can help put your mind at ease. I am 9 days post-op from my tummy tuck and 50 years old. I don't work, but I have already been shopping at target twice, been out to lunch, done laundry, loaded the dishwasher, etc. Anyway, I guess you get the picture. Here's the thing....up to day 5 you will have a pretty tough recovery, but then it starts to speed up rapidly with each day. I found that from the beginning just getting up and moving around helped a lot. I would say by day 8 I really started to get around much better and have more energy, so I would bet by 2 weeks you will be fine to go back to work. Really the only thing I still can't do is lift and bend over. My Dr. had me start standing as straight as possible by day 6 and I think that was great because I would probably have walked hunched over forever to keep from feeling the pulling sensation when standing straight. Best of luck to you and I promise you all the trouble will be worth it in the end.
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Wow, you're really doing well.

I guess I'm just an old fart at 55, or maybe just a wimp! :D

I am feeling stronger daily though, and trying my darnedest to walk straighter.

Shopping? nah
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Well, it's not like I am walking straighter without discomfort. It feels like I am stretch armstrong, but I just want to hurry along the process asap. I actually hate shopping, but it was 70 degrees and sunny and just wanted to get out. I made it to haverty's, lay-z-boy, target and then I had to go home a lay down for an hour. The nurse told me that the more I am up and around the quicker my recovery. I'm going with the saying "what don't kill you will make you stronger." I'll let you know how that works for me. And you are no wimp! This was not a fun surgery! All I had was the muscle and skin...didn't you also have lipo? Maybe that's the difference in recovery time. Hope you continue to improve and you will be shopping before you know it. I'm going to try to post a 1 week pic tomorrow even though it is kind of gross just so everyone can see the changes in the coming weeks. You should post some pics.
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I wish you the best on your surgery. I also had problems trying to get my breast reduction & panniculectomy "approved" using FMLA leave at work. I've worked there 8 years, and after I submitted my FMLA paperwork 40 days in advance, I was told that I would have to do it later in the spring because it's elective and they just couldn't staff it. I was made to move my surgery date back from the date the physician wanted to do it initially, and if I didn't have the guts (vs stupidity) to know the law and stand up for myself, I still would not have had my surgery done. I told them I wasn't asking them; I am following the law and that it is not elective surgery; It's medically necessary surgery. The only way I could postpone it any longer is to have them pay for my $300/mo chiropractor bills which kept me able to keep on working in the pain I was in. It's never convenient for employers. I did tell my supervisor that because of companies like ours (a huge medical employer in the U.S.), that is why we have to have the FMLA law in the first place. Then I was told that I should be able to come back in 2-3 weeks. I'm over 2 weeks post-op now, and there's no way I could go back yet. I still can't bend over. They only look out for themselves. When it comes down to it, the employees rarely really matter. We're a dime a dozen in their eyes. It's a sad world. Best of luck to you. I can't wait to hear how you're doing. My panniculectomy is very similar to abdominoplasty. Others have offered great advice. Something to hang your drains on in the shower and a picker upper thing are definite necessities. :)
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