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TT scheduled for Feb. 2 :)

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  • 3 years ago

Hello ladies I'm so glad I found this forum. I've read Kimmers guides, and quite a few of the posts, good and bad. It's always nice to get suggestions from those who've already paved the way. My surgery is set for Feb. 2, and I'm having the full TT and a bit of lipo on the back of hips.

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My belly button is quite red, and kind of hard - hopefully it will go down, but even if just the red goes away, I'll live.

I get a burning sensation on my lower back sometimes, when I sit down close to the back of the recliner and kind of slide down into it.

Still a bit of swelling on hips and lower abdomen, as well as tightness and some soreness in the muscle tightened area. I have little feeling in my belly too - if I lean against the countertop, I can't even feel it.

I'll be 3 months next week.
  • Reply're back. I can ditto your comment on the belly button and the numb tummy. I am just behind you and that is exactly what I feel. Do you still swell in the evenings? I seem to swell less in the lower abs than before, but more just above the belly button.
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Glad things are getting better for you Julie.

I just looked in the mirror and realized, I might have a scar forever on my belly button. I hope I dont have to hide my belly button once its healed. Its really red and the scar around it it kinda raised. Anyone dealing with that? It didnt look like that when I first had it done. Now it seems to look like I wont be happy with it.
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hello everyone! I found with this surgery not being able to do much for awhile, it takes a toll on your mentally and emotionally!! youll wonder why u did that and so forth..(thats how it was for me)the physical part of it was manageable wich i thought was going to be the hardest part of the healing but it wasnt!! it does get better day by day and week by week...:-) i hit my 3 months mark the 26th!! im still not back to work due to complications with the wound...its still open but its healing! :-( Other then that im doing good...i can take walks now..i have my energy back...the only thing is my tummy is still sensitive where he tightened the abds..i wouldnt be able to do any abdominal work thats for sure..i can now finally sleep on my side for a change after being on my back for this loooong!!! Once im off my back i wont go back...ha ha ha!! But i dont get these burning sensation at all..but the swelling yes because the scale moves around from a pound or what not...i am on a diet and its hard to track my weight at this time!! oh well..ill see it in my clothes i guess!! hope all is well with everyone! take care!
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Hello all,
I am hitting my 4 month mark this week and still not back to normal. I sometimes feel a very bad burning sensation on my hips where my scar is. Anyone get that feeling? I also still get the swelling and it sucks.
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You sound like me! I have the belly button scar just the same and also have like a burning tearing sensation on my hips a couple times a day!
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My hubby did take before pics, and some after pics. I just haven't got around to posting them - oops.

I'm going to get him to take some 8 week pics, and then I'll get at loading them all.

The PS said I could have swelling up to 6 months or so, but gradually getting better. That's why he said not to buy a new wardrobe yet.
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hi country girl just been reading thru this whole thread and it has helped me so much, thankyou , i am now day four post op, not doing so bad just plodding along really. i am so lonely tho as i am on my own, my hubby had to go to work, he left two days b4 my surgery and will be away 6 weeks, it has been very hard looking after myself, but so far i have managed to have a different friend pop in once each day. thank goodness for the net hey xx
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Hi mommy!

Actually, I'm feeling quite well. I had my 8 week checkup today.

I have tightness and swelling in the lower ab, and still a bit of inflammation in the new navel and centre part of the incision, but it's coming along.

PS says that I can tell I still have swelling on the hips from the way my stretch marks are 'outies' in that area. He told me not to buy a new wardrobe until about May. :)
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Hi Country Gal. Glad to hear you are doing well. I am nearly 10 weeks post op,and also doing well, but your comment realy helped. I have some stretch marks that also look like they are 'outies', and i didn't know what to make of this until reading your comments. i still have a fair bit of swelling, especially at the end of the day, also around the lower ab area. i'm happy to hear that this is normal. Do you have any pics?. i will be posting some new pics soon. take care, x
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Good to hear you are doing so well! I still have some hip swelling as well.
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Hey there how are you doing?
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My PS didn't offer or mention a pain pump, so no.

He did say that he would leave enough freezing in everywhere to last me 12 to 18 hours, and they pumped me up with antibiotics and anti-nausea, I think. I was given painkillers at the hospital before I left, so I guess they didn't want to overdo that inside me.

I know that the receptionist at my PS office has had the surgery, and she was always welcoming of phone calls for info. I didn't call much, but it was nice to know it was available. Do you have the option? My PS also told me at the consult that I could come in as often as I wanted with questions, etc.
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I am glad to hear from you Country Girl, I was about to cancel my surgery and come looking for dont post much but I read daily and I am glad you are ok. My big day is Monday and I am nervous and excited all rolled into one..
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ooh, Jazzy, good for you. Yes, it is nerves and excitement all at once, isn't it?

I like the way you get on a bed, and wake up hours later in recovery.

I see my PS on Friday for a checkup, and hopefully drain removal. Even if it's not ready to remove, I will feel more comfortable seeing him and getting a professional opinion.

Hubby is wonderful, but he is colour-blind. I can't really see my cuts and stuff, and he wouldn't know if it was red and angry looking, unless it was oozing pus.

I hope to ask on Friday, how much he took off - not so much in a weight loss thing, but inches, etc. I think it's interesting, and would like to know just what he did do. I saw him briefly in recovery, but all I wanted to do then was go back to sleep, and wouldn't have remembered any details.

Glad you didn't cancel on my account! :D :D
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i know my ps when i call him..his nurse is very kind. she books me in for a appt when i have something i think is whenever u think there is something..CALL..dont wait..u never know! better be safe then sorry!!
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Hi Countrygal. So glad you are back and hanging in there. Did you get the pain pump? I am so nervous about my tt coming up on the 24th that I am having anxiety.
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Mommy41, The pain pump is not as scary as it sounds. Its a very thin thread that is put inside at the same time the drains are put in. You should go online and look at pictures of what it looks like. It is a small bulb about the size of a potatoe and its clear, it has liquid in it and it will dispense the topical medication inside your belly for about three days 1 drip at a time until it is empty.

When you go to doc for your 2 or 3 day check up he will pull it out and since you are so numb you dont even know he pulled it out.

I feel it was a good thing to have and not sure if I would have had more pain if I didnt have it, but i was very comfortable and I when I got home the day of surgery, I was online and very comfortable.
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I did not sleep on my sides for two weeks. I had to sleep on my back for two weeks-- it was killing me because it is all I do beside sitting. It sucks! My bf has to help me to get out of bed, however I learned how to roll out of bed within two weeks. I sleep on sides on 3rd week and LOVE IT! It is a bit sore on the sides, but it gets better everyday.

I get out of bed or recliner with my legs and arms' muscle (PS told me my workouts has helped me to depend on my legs instead of my tummy).

I'm so glad you are okay, Countrygal!!!!
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Thanks, ladies

Well, I'm an old fart at 55, so didn't expect to heal like a spring chicken. :D

Hubby had to leave me alone again for a short time, so I thought I'd come in here and read up a bit.

ACworthmom - Best wishes for Thursday - you'll be just fine! :)

I've read SO much that I don't know where to find stuff anymore, and no patience to hunt. Can you tell me when I will be able to roll on my side, apart from getting out of bed?

I only have 1 drain, and of course, it's on my left, where I have to roll every time to get out.

What about changing sleeping position? Is it important to stay on the back for a certain period, in order to not allow any sagging in the middle?

I am walking more the last couple of days. I was pretty much a helpless fool the first couple of days, and couldn't even walk without help. Now, for the last couple, I only need help in and out of the recliner and bed. I'm using my office chair in the kitchen, and hubby tips the seat forward for me to get in, and then tips it up for me to eat. It's padded and comfy and has an arm rest. It has wheels though, so I need help getting in and out of that.

I'm going to be stranded alone for 5 to 6 hours tomorrow, so I need to see if I can at least get out of the recliner alone. If so, hubby can leave me in there, and I'll stay til I need to go pee. Then, I'll have to wander the house, sit on a couple of different chairs, etc., and move around to change positions until he returns. Hopefully, there is something good on TV to distract me, and I can finally concentrate to read a book for short intervals.
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Country Gal,
Gosh I'm glad to see you back and on the other side!!
I think we were all concerned about you and anxious to see how you were doing.
As far as your was tough to lay on either side for a couple of weeks. My doctor said it was perfectly ok to lay on your side but mentioned keeping the knees bent. It also helped to put a pillow between my knees. It seems to take some pressure off of your sides. Have you tried an ice pack on your back? That definitely helped me!
You should take your pain meds! A full dose! Don't try to be tough right now. It will help you to be able to move around more without suffering so much!
Wishing you well! It gets better with each day. ((hug))
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Hey C-girl. Good to hear your story
I slept in my "cocoon" on the couch for 2 weeks in the "beach chair" position- tilted up with legs bent over a big pillow. I was afraid to sleep in bed until my drains were out and I didn't want to keep the hubby awake. Then in bed, I slept hugging a big pillow to help cushion my tummy.
Just take your meds on time and walk whenever you can to keep the blood circulating. Mybworst day was the day I thought I could go with only Extra strenth Tylenol. Bad idea!
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hi countrygirl...i am on my 13th day post op..and im still laying on my back...i tried to roll over on my side but i can't too uncomfortable and pulling still sleeping at a 30 degree with my head up and 2 pillows under my knees!!! THis helps keep less pulling on the incision i find! im sooooo tired and sick of laying on my back..i get frustrated alot at times :(
but every day gets better.
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Country Gal! So glad you are back. Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time, but as the days go on it will get better.
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Yay, so glad to hear your well. I haven't taken much pain med either. Can't wait to see how we all look in 6 weeks
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