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TT question on swelling and garments

  • Destined2B
  • Washington DC metro area
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone I just had my TT done 7 Mar 2012 and wanted to know from those whom already had it done, is there anything you did to relieve the swelling and also did you use a compression garment like spanx or just the velcro like waist band given by the doctor?  I want to massage my flanks because I see one side has a lump than the other.  I had a full TT with lipo on my flanks and a little on my back.

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Thanks to both for replying! I'm wearing my cg at night but plan to purchase one of those medical grade cg's to wear during the day. They resemble a spanx. I'm still swollen but notice when I massage the area it gets better. I'm so ready for the swelling to be over! Happy healing to the both of you!
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I am 5 weeks post op from a full tummy tuck with lipo to the back. My surgeon has me wearing a spanx like garment. The garment goes from my knees to just under my breast. (it has zippers on each side)
My swelling is at a minimum. Only a small amount of swelling on the lower portion of my abdomen.
I wear my garment religiously. I only take it off when I shower.
Good luck with your recovery!
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Hi! I am 5 weeks po from a full tummy tuck with lipo to front of the tummy. Swelling...ugh! I swelled a a lot around 9 days po, and had some late bruising that scared the heck out of me. First of all, because you had lipo on your tummy area and flanks, you will be swelling more than someone who did not have lipo. Don't get upset if people say they're not swelling much.
At 5 weeks, I still religiously wear my cg, even when I sleep. On days when I really want to look as slim as possible, despite my swelling, I wear a spanx- like garment that goes up just under the bust. I still prefer the good old Velcro cg, because I can adjust it. The spans is a pain when I need to use the bathroom. Also, the spanx kind of hurt to pull them up.
My ps doesn't really promote the use of cgs. He claims there's no proof that they aid in healing. I find that it keeps me comfortable and aids with swelling, so I'll continue to wear it until I don't feel pulling and until I don't swell so much.
I' m not trying too hard to avoid salt in food, and I find moving around helps a lot.
It could take 6 months before all the swelling subsides. I'm doing my best to be patient! Good luck! I hope this helps!
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