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Hello ladies!  I am a 32 yr old mother of two.  5'4 at checking in at 139lbs. For whatever reason when I had my children my ab muscles remained separated.  With my oldest...the doc (military doc) never said a thing about separated abs so I had no clude, just had a severly wrinkled belly.  With my last was clear that something was wrong soon after, but again (military) doc never said a word.  Everywhere I went people would ask me when I was due...even when I had my then two month old with me! I recently went through a divorce and now receive my care a Veteran Hospital, the first visit with my doc, she took a look at it, diagnosed me with Diastasis Recti and referred my to 'the plastic clinic' for nips and tucks.  Initially I was very excited, but now I am a nervous wreck.  I can't help but think about how major this surgery is and the fear of the unknown is killing me. I worry about something bad happening and how it would affect my children and family.  I've watched a few YouTube videos and while some make me feel that I can do it others make me feel like it's not such a good idea. I am fairly healthy and no overweight, but  I've looked between 4 and 5 months preggo for the last three years. I want to do this...I REALLY do, but I am nervous as crap!  I feel completely unprepared.  The doc didn't tell me to get anything preop so I am trying to gather all the information for what I'll need on my own.  A recliner is def out of the room, no money to buy! Anyhow, I am happy I found this site...maybe I can blog my itters aways and get some advice along the way.  My pre-op is on the 1st of October.  Wish me luck ladies! I'll def be following the updates that you all post!  No photos yet...maybe in a day or two!

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