TT & lipo revision surgery

  • Saus0013
  • Durham England
  • 2 years ago

I had my TT & lipo revision surgery on the 6th January 2012, as my 1st op left me with a bulge, before my 1st op I only had loose baby skin, my muscles didn't need repairing, I'm just hoping this op will give me my flat tummy I crave, I'm 1 week post op now & still swollen I put on arf a stone which hopefully will come off in the next few weeks, I look about 4 months pregnant & I'm hoping it's just swelling, I know it's not a seroma at this point as I had a seroma after the 1st op, I will keep you updated with my progress, I've tried uploading some pics but It won't let me as I'm on my I-pad..... Sally......