TT & lipo revision surgery

  • Saus0013
  • Durham England
  • 2 years ago

I had my TT & lipo revision surgery on the 6th January 2012, as my 1st op left me with a bulge, before my 1st op I only had loose baby skin, my muscles didn't need repairing, I'm just hoping this op will give me my flat tummy I crave, I'm 1 week post op now & still swollen I put on arf a stone which hopefully will come off in the next few weeks, I look about 4 months pregnant & I'm hoping it's just swelling, I know it's not a seroma at this point as I had a seroma after the 1st op, I will keep you updated with my progress, I've tried uploading some pics but It won't let me as I'm on my I-pad..... Sally......

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I'm now 8 weeks post op where do I begin, I got to 2 weeks post op & started with a seroma which had to be drained about 8 times over 2-3 weeks, I'd also had a hematoma so alot of old blood came out to, then at about 3 weeks post op I had seroma/fluid pockets along part of my incision which meant my inside wasn't healing properly so had to rest and go on the sick for 3 weeks at work, had to go to the hospital & have them drained to, my scar is now healing ok but is black along with some skin around it, I don't know if its old blood underneath my skin, I go back to see the surgeon in April, but looks like I'll have to go under the knife again for scar revision, also I have a huge bulge above my incision line still so if I put normal pants on my belly hangs over, I'm just hoping that it's still swelling, I don't fancy having to go through another mini tummy tuck or my tummy button is gunna end up in my pubic area lol, I'm just wondering if I should of been given a full TT instead of 2 mini TT, thanx for yr comment......
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Hi there! I'm sure you at 1 week post op you were still very swollen. How are you feeling now?

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