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tt/lipo on hip rolls/back done 6/3 still double rolls in back,help!!!!

  • leena swf
  • naples
  • 3 years ago

Iam on my 15day postop, tummy's nice and flat, bellybutton looks great, little swelling on both hips and back. Problem, there's still 2 rolls in my back, one below the bra and the other where the bra is. Talked w/ ps yesterday, and she said I probably have to be cut in the back to get rid of them. I thought that was the lipo in the back was for. I refuse to go under the knife again. Anyone has this problem? I am very tiny, 4'9 so everything is magnified. Is using the full body bra help in hiding these rolls? Please respond, I am anxious. Thanks, everyone. I don't think this is swelling, or my ps would have said so.