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Anyone else having or had a TT with a large belly? Mine is huge and I'm nervous about my results.

  • tyzack
  • Louisville, KY
  • 3 years ago

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Woo hoo! Good luck to you.
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come see my pics
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thank you so much Susanne! I have my TT and lipo tomorrow!
Mine was Feb 2, and I had to be at the clinic for 7 a.m. We left home at 545, so no time to get nervous.

When we got there, everything went fairly quickly, but I was told it would probably not start until 830. I'm sure it was earlier though, as I barely had time to read my book between nurses and doctors checking in on me, etc.

Even so, it was 7 pm before we got back home that evening.
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I forgot to say, Great idea about us March girls sticking together!
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I think the early slot is the way to go! Get "put out" faster cause you know you will be a nervous wreck!
Paid off already? YaY, lucky you! My pre-op appt is in 8 days...I guess I will be writing a check and not looking back :)
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March surgery girls UNITE!!! I agree, lets stick together and share our concerns, fears, joys and whatnot!! I am bought and paid for as of today for 3-28. It is Monday at 8am. I am a little nervous about surgery on Monday at 8am. Do you think that is a concern I should have or am I just being dumb?
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I totally agree! It's not like we will be going anywhere for awhile. My pre op is feb 23 and surgery is March 10th. My Dr. performs his surgeries in his office. I'm wondering now if I should have opted for a hospital setting. From what I have read, it's gonna be an extremely painful recovery. But lets all hope the results will be worth it. I swear Im gonna post some pics of my belly before and after. If I can inspire 1 person to do this and make them feel better about themselves it will be worth it. Most of the comments I have read are people that have had the lap band then the TT. I dont qualify for the lap band and really wouldnt want it anyway. I just need a flat tummy again! Thanks so much for keeping in touch
Oooh I' m having mine done in March as well and I'm a size 16!
Only thing is that I' m a pair shape and have a big butt and thighs and small boobs.
At least I'm getting rid of pooch now from 3 babies :)
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ME!! You can see my pics on my review. Haven't had my TT yet. scheduling for end of march. This is one of my biggest concerns, but my PS said my results would be really nice if I added lipo. I think you have a valid concern that many of us share. Here is the right place to get some answers. Good luck!!
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Thank you so much! So glad I'm not the only one. I'm gonna post some pics for those of us that are not a size 10 or smaller of before and after pics. Nothing against anyone of that size, I'm just wondering if I was the only one who had a large belly but happy with every other part of their body. If your having surgery in March as well, Let's report our status to each other. It will be nice to have someone to talk to about our journey! thanks for replying! Sherry
I have a large abdomen as well, I am scheduled for my TT on May 3rd. I hope this helps. I have added lipo to the upper abdomen and flank area. I am concerned about how it will turn out as well.
Im having lipo as well. I just dont want to come out looking like a football player, big up top, small bottom. I used to have the cutest figure. Pear shaped, now Im apple shaped :(. I'm actually gonna talk to my Dr. at my pre op appt. and ask him if I should get some lipo around the bra area. I just really don't want to be disappointed. At first you think, If I didnt have my tummy I would look great but then you look at yourself in the mirror and think,,,maybe I need alittle more lipo...crazy I know.
I was a size 16 pre-op (most of it belly!). I too was really worried about what kind of results I'd have after surgery. I can tell you that at 9 days post op, I am pretty satisfied. I posted a few before and after shots in my review, but I need to tell you that I don't think the after photos do the changes justice. My belly looks completely different! I was actually surprised at the how much "bulk" was removed from my torso. I had upper ab and flank lipo with the tt. Hope this helps! Everyone - good luck with your upcoming surgeries. I know you are going to be very happy.