Had TT end of July and looks great but except for puffiness where scar ends I am pleased with the TT but now I am second guessin

  • SayHayNay
  • long island, ny
  • 3 years ago

My hips look yucky. My hips have a ripply looking texture on each side. My hips are now bigger prior to the TT and look bigger and stick out farther then before. Has this happened to anyone else? I see the PS in a couple of weeks. I do not think I gained weight. So disappointed.

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I would love to know the outcome I am having this issue, my flanks are so much bigger I cant even fit into my compression garment .... I look gross, please let me know.... Foxybrown, I would love to know even more and see photos... I am very worried about this.
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My hips also seemed bigger after the surgery...and all of my pants did not fit...I am 9 weeks post op now, and things have settled down...my hips are smaller, and I am fitting into my jeans...I had ripply looking texture as you put it, and that is sorting itself out as well... I hope you read this to post what your experience is now, because you are almost a year out, and I would love to hear what your experience is now...
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It could possibly be a phenomenon known as "dog ears", where the ends of the scar puff out a bit. Also, where you gain weight may shift after a tummy tuck.

Please let us know what your doctor says and how you're feeling about your tummy tuck after you see her or him.

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