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  • wahunter
  • north idaho
  • 3 years ago

I always struggled with my weight and then had 2 children via c-section then gal bladder removed and then lost but then gained alot of weight and went to Mexico and had a VSG done. So i have maintained a weight loss of 100lbs for 2 years And even though the weight is gone I still have alot of skin that needs to be gone. I am looking for a dr who does a good job but doesnt need me to buy him a new sports car. Up in North Idaho& Spokane the prices seem a bit steep. Do the docs know we are in a horrible recession? I have family in North Nevada so I could stay with them while I recoup. I would prefer up here but 20k seems really expensive. any info or Help would be great.

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I live in northern Nevada - Try Dr. Wrye - email me if you need additional information. Dr. Wrye did mine. Good luck!
How'd it go? :)
Found my Dr up here after all in Post falls, ID.
only 11k found less in price in Utah but after travel same so this way i an heal at home.
Now looking in the Reno or Salt Lake area. I am finding excellent surgeons
at reasonably affordable prices. I know they say price is the last thing but when you are paying cash it has to be part of the equation too

Considering that the average cost is $12,500, that does seem pretty pricey. What about Seattle? There are loads of good tummy tuck doctors there.

just got quote out of bellvue 16-19k... they are out of there minds