TT with BBL for 2x the money or just BB

  • flybabymomma
  • New Jersey
  • 2 years ago

A little about me, I'm 5'4" 165 ( and losing) 2 kids, single working mom.  I am looking to get a TT and BBL.  I received my quote from Dr Salamas of 7799.00 (from other reviews seems to have gone up a lot) for just BBL.  problem is he won't do the TT and BBL together.  So I am going to a consult with Dr Markmann in Maryland for a TT and BBL.  only problem there is the $$$.  Markmann is asking for 16k and at least 4 k for the TT.  That's a lot of money!! Question I have for you ladies is what do you think I should do? What would you do, considering in all factors,not just money, travel, kids etc (FYI I live in NJ). Anyone who has had to make a similar decision or in the same boat I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.   Thanks girls!!