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Who's getting a TT in AZ other them me?

  • Mominaz
  • scottsdale
  • 3 years ago

I'm scheduled for aug 30 th here in Scottsdale, TT and lipo. I'm a mom of 2 small children and so frighten about it all. I'm walking around this "skinny" town looking 7 months pregnant and it's gotta go! It's going to be hot out but I guess I'm homebound regardless of heat or not! Will get some pictures up soon!

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hey mominaz....So GOOD to know you did it! i've been concerned.
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I'm alive
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gettin so nervous!
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I'm on the 11th in scottsdale who is doing your make over?
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You will find yourself becoming more at peace with your oncoming transformation. For some reason or other, I calmed down the final two weeks before show time.
No, I was not fitted for leg compression. In fact that is totally new to me.
I am 5'7.5. Dr. M. took great care in ensuring proper stats. I am certain that your surgeon will do the same thing.
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Brenda... Wow you sound like you know your stuff! Thanks for the encouragement cause man if I didn't have u ladies I would be up the creek! I do get a pain pump... Did you wear any compressions on your legs after surgery? How tall are you? I'm 5 ft 9 I'm not doing anything with my boobs just yet they need a lift or something I. Taking one step at a time.... Lord save my soul I'm freaking out! ;-)
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Hi Brenda how did it go? I also went to dr M for a consult he was so very nice actually did one of my good friends TT and BA in June, she was happy with him. I personally was not happy with their customer service... That was just me so I booked dr Malek. I'm going on the 30 th he is going to help me get back to my pre pregnancy bod. Godhelp him help me! I'm scared sooooooo much .. I keep saying this but I cant die!
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Momi, you will do fine.
Dr. M. did a fab job with TT and BA. In fact, his staff refers to me as a chocolate Barbie doll!!!!
I am surprise about your experience with Dr. M. staff. I was treated like a queen from day one.
I know that the apprehension you feel is real. And you won't die! Come on lady bug, things will be fine as long as your surgeon is board certified.
There was very little pain involve throughout except for one time: while in the recovery room,when they placed the compression garmet on me, how I wailed the blues! It felt as if they were putting a girdle on a beached whale!!!
The healing was swift and the results immediate. The scar is doing nicely (itchy!) and I now boast measurements of 44DD-30-38.

Stay on top of your meds and Inquire about a pain pump. Your surgeon will know what is best of course.
Write me any time. We can share e-mail addresses if you want to.
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Hi Mominaz,
Brenda here in El Mirage. Had mine on the 20th.
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