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Having a tt and lipo on Thursday, nervous wreck!!! Any suggestions to keep my anxiety level down?

  • rosey in ny
  • New York
  • 2 years ago

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i hope ill be ok i have nervies promable i go oct1 pls say a prayer
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Believe me you will be fine. The nerves calm down and your focus is recovery. Good luck and prayers to you.
No Kathy, haven't posted any pictures.
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Kimmers, day 5 PO for me, I must tell you that you were so "RIGHT ON"
All the anxiety and nerves turned to calm on the morning of surgery while in the office minutes away from the OR just as you said. Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. :-)
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rosey, have you ever posted any before or after photos ?
Thank you, I am trying....
And if my nerves and this heat weren't enough to handle, now my friend does an unexpected visit....
Yeah telling myself to look ahead, hopefully I can remember that. The stories here are awesome, thank you and everyone for sharing. Will continue checking in today.
, I am sure I won't be able to sleep.
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Just try to focus ahead on your beautiful new tummy.  The nerves are all part of this process but the calm will hit the morning of surgery.  Deep breath!!

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