Is It True Dermarolling Ages You in the Long Term? Are There Any Studies on the Effects Longterm?

  • ahha
  • 2 years ago

Is this true? "The reason this torture device works is the dermis layer of skin rushes all kinds of "repairs" to heal the damage done by the puncture holes inflicted upon the skin.  also temporarily improves the skin's appearance. problem is the long term effect. The "repairs" greatly accelerates the decay of the dermis layer that only has a limited number of repairs in it before it starts to permanently collapse. When the collapse happens wrinkles and harder skin are the result. So, in effect, users are prematurely aging their appearance for a very temporary improvement. A more sustainable alternative is Botox or Dysport  at a much lower treatment cost. Results last 3-5 months even longer with periodic treatment, they don't damage the dermis layer of skin." I read this in a post on website reviewing the dermaroller.