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Is it true that as we age (I am 59), the risk of needing a root canal after getting crown redone is lessened?

  • Louisette
  • 1 year ago

My dentist chose the color of my recently cimented crown (A2), insisting anything lighter would be too white without even showing me the alternatives. I was disappointed with the color after they were cimented. She offered to redo them. Are the risk of complications too high at my age?

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I hate to hear you are dissatisfied with your A2 shade of your crowns, how much lighter would you like to go?

Here is a question I came across with a similar question about redoing Crowns, that I thought you might be interested in!

Is It Possible to Have a Crown Redone? Will It Mean I Need a Root Canal?

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I would like them to be a shade lighter. Would that be A1? My crowns have been removed and the dentist has put in the temporary ones that correspond to A1. However they look too bright.
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There are different shade families.  So there is an A1, as you know, but there is also a B1, C1, and D1.  They have different hues to them, some more orange, some more grey, like that.  The 1 is the lightest in each family.

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