Having trouble finding plastic surgeon in Orlando, Fl for breast augmentation

  • perezs13
  • Orlando, Fl
  • 2 years ago

So this would be my first b.a. and I'm just so nervous about making the wrong decision and having to deal with weird looking boobs! I looked at Dr. Jon Trevisani since two of my friends went to him had a b.a. done, but my mom told me that he had a malpractice suit for postop infection so he's off the list. I'm really considering Dr. Brian Joseph. If anyone has gone to him, I would greatly appreciate your story. Anyways, I would love tips or suggestions or anything on doctors or just b.a. in general! Thanks :)

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There are 2 Dr. Trevisanis in Orlando area that do plastic surgery, Jon isn't the one that had the malpractice suit (I know because my attorney at the time wanted to make sure I wasn't going to the "bad" Trevisani). Oh wow, I just realize you were the girl I just posted to. Hah!
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