Do you have trouble finding bras after implants?

  • MakenzieR
  • Seattle, WA
  • 3 years ago

Our blog has a new post about Alexis Smith Bras, designed specifically to be sexy and supportive for women with implants. 

The designer discovered it was hard to find bras for her larger breasts but small frame. Have you run into this problem? How did you made it work?

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i'm a 30DD. VS can suck it.
I have not had any problems, I shop at VS.

I will say they only go up to size DD and not in every style. Some styles they only sell online. I for one, even though I know my size prefer to try on first before spending $50.00 for a bra.

My 375cc HP took me from 36b to a 36dd.

Yes as a girl w/o implants (yet!) I have to say VS can be hit or miss with size regularity. Very frustrating! I must say I was much happier when I stopped shopping there exclusively. Macy's has some great stuff with better sales. :)