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I have trouble breathing and was referred to a facial reconstuction surgeon

  • Katrina8605
  • 3 years ago

I have trouble breathing and was reffered to a facial reconstruction surgeon. The surgeon is booked up until Feb and was wondering could someone please give me there opinion. If you were my doctor would you recommend rhinoplasty?

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well i was told that I had a slight deviated septum but my sinuses and every thing else looked okay. I have also had cat scans and x rays and they were all okay. However, I have been repeatedly asked did i ever have any facial trauma because of the shape of my nasal bridge.
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Hi Katrina,

I'm sorry that it's going to take so long to get into your surgeon of choice. Have you considered scheduling a consult with another plastic surgeon? Some will waive their consult fees if you mention you found them on RealSelf. Be sure to ask when you call.

There could be all sorts of reasons you're having breathing issues. Swelling of nasal passages, sinus issues, deviated septum, etc. I don't think a doctor would be able to tell you for sure without examining you.

Please keep us posted on what you plan to do. And consider sharing your story with us here.

Thanks for being part of the RealSelf community!

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