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New trends in skin care products

  • Sterling Girl
  • 7 years ago

I feel over whelmed by the new skin care products...what trends should I pay attention to, such as ingredients?  THanks for every bit of advice!

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There is a strong movement toward vegan certified, green, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Consumers and buyers are both seeking cosmetics that do no harm to the environment or animals. The cosmetic industry has a large number of materials that are available from vegetable sources, lab created or animal sourced. Becoming a vegan certified product line takes a great deal of research for manufactures but insures that consumers are able to buy products that match their personal beliefs.
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A relatively new group of skin care ingredients that offer great skin care benefits are essential oils. Most people know that essential oils are natural, non-toxic fragrances that are used in room mists or candles. Many people are also aware that essential oils offer health benefits when inhaled in a room diffuser or applied to the temples—they can be calming, improve sleep, decrease anxiety or nervousness, and relieve headaches. But few people realize that essential oils are powerful, super-concentrated, and 100% pure plant extracts that are very quickly and easily absorbed by the skin, and that several of them are amazing at improving the skin appearance and health. Essential oils are a misnomer—they are not oils at all, and they don’t feel greasy and don’t clog pores or cause acne. Here are a few of my favorites: Carrot seed oil: This is an incredible oil for mature skin, wrinkles, skin that lacks firmness and tone. It is also amazing at preventing and treating acne and acne scars. It works similarly to retinol but is an all-natural alternative without any side effects. Lavender oil, preferably French high-altitude: This is another powerful skin oil that conditions, repairs, calms reddened or inflamed skin, heals burns, balances oil production, and is overall excellent for carrying for dry skin or sensitive skin. Grapefruit and lemon oils: These oils are firming, slimming, toning, and also whitening and revitalizing. They also happen to be astringent and help dry up pimples.
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There are several hot trends emerging for facials this season. Specific attention is being given to eyes as well as lips. Many of our brands are creating eye care that focuses on this delicate area of the skin to reduce swelling, puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. Lip care is also the biggest area for attention. Many of our brands have created sets including lip scrubs and moisture balms. Our favorites are from Treat Beauty with their Kiss and Make It Butter Treatment as well as Peter Thomas Roth’s Lips to Die For Trio. For allover facial care, we are seeing organic hydrolats for the face. These light mists are generally made from plant extracts and plant milks and offer incredible rejuvenation to the skin. Our favorite picks here are from Malie Kauai and Naturopathica.
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The most important thing that we have right now is a very light enzyme peel that has peptides. Peptides are the new, big thing. Peptides help to clear the skin remove all the debris. Any blackheads or whiteheads just pop out. A peptide based product is very hydrating and plumps you up! For anyone who has mature skin, peptides firm, hydrate, and brighten.  
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