Best treatmet for solar lentigos (sun spots) on legs?

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  • 4 years ago

I've had several IPLs on my legs but they are not getting ride of my solor lentigos. Please advise absolute best method for removing them. Thanks.

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The ThermoLo treatments are not very expensive and they really do work. The ThermoLo (non laser - RF / low and high radio frequency) website shows a video that shows the procedure in action and allows you to find a provider. You can also contact Lorenzo, who the machine is named after (over 40 years in the aesthetic and medical profession and the founder of the worlds first laser college) at Chromos website.
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I am wondering that too. When I discussed how poorly the treatment worked my dermatologist did not suggest that any higher level could be used. Also the Renova was supposed to last a year (it is very expensive) and it's been 7 months and it is done. I used it according to their instructions of one squirt per nite.
I just think there is a lot of false advertising which give false expectations.
May see a different dermatologist to see what they say but this stuff gets way too expensive with poor results.
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Yes I imagine it is very expensive. Hope all goes well and please keep me updated as to whether you choose to see anyone else.



I had seen all the advertising regarding getting rid of brown spots on face etc. I discussed this with my dermatologist and decided to have lazer treatment of the brown spots. I was very disappointed. A very few very tiny dark spots are gone but the brown spots I was hoping to remove are all still there. My dermatologist said they weren't dark enough so the lazer does not pick them up. Now have used Renova religiously for 9 months. All those brown spots are still there and noticeable. I think the advertising for these products and treatments are very misleading. why don't they do better with this.
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Hi Spokane,

Thanks for your comment. I'm wondering if the laser wasn't strong enough, sometimes that happens so they don't burn you. As for the cream, much like everything I imagine it depends on the person, which is not what you wanted to hear I imagine. Have you gone to another doctor? Please keep me updated.



I have so many friends that have been disappointed with the results they have had getting rid of sun damage. I found a regimen that is very successful and that when clinically tested no one dropped out because they loved the product!
I've seen good results using the lasers Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and HGM K1 krypton lasers. It depends on extend & type of lentigos.
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