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What's the best treatment for old scars like insect bites?

  • sharleen
  • NY
  • 4 years ago

Since I was a child I have a lot of scars due to insect bites. The scars on my legs are more than 10 years now. I lost my confidence because of this. I need your help. I'm getting married in 10 months and just hoping to wear my dress with confidence. I need to know the name of a product and the location or if it’s possible contact information. Thank you so much and may God Bless you all.

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Hello girls, I have the same problem. i have dark scars and due to my fair skin tone it can be seen easily. its so embarrassing during summer time also I have to wear long sleeve dresses. Please help :'(
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For insect bites, I would begin with a twice daily application of Melaquin for my patients.
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@ loneygal03 .. we're the same :(
but im lucky coz my bf accept me even i have lots of scars :))
but still hoping it vanish also someday ..
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hope it all vanish..:((
i dont even have a bf since birth..coz im afraid that the guy will u know..
sigh.. and all the lot of stuff..
i dont attend beach parties or anythin that wers shorts , skirts or dress..
too bad..
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i have the same problem :( i lost my confidence because of this also :( i hope i can wear short pants and mini skirts outside :( i can only wear that everynight so nobody see my scars :(( i will try a soap that can help to lighten old scars .. i'll tell u guys when it works for me ..
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well..sigh.. wer u from anyway?? i guess my legs had no hope for flawless skin,, :((
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we all have the same problem. i have it also. what is the best and affordable remedy? im 17 and never wear mini skirts and short pants
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well..sigh.. wer u from anyway?? i guess my legs had no hope for flawless skin,, :((
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i guess we have the same story..
im 19 years old now..since i was young i never wear shorts or mini skirts..coz im afraid to show them off.. i know my classmtes n friends will teased me n laughed off..
i cnt affored like you guys..
now i have to stay with this scars forever..
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i have a lot of sore marks on my legs. you can even see from a distance. i can't even go to the beach or wear shorts. what can i do? help me.

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Hi sharleen,

Congratulations on your wedding. :)

I hope the link above is helpful. You may also find the advice you need here: How to remove old insect bite scars on legs?

What type of scar do you have (dark, red, white)? Often the treatment will depend on this. For example, Hydroquinone is often used to fade dark scars. Photos would help, if you're able to provide them.

Good luck and enjoy your wedding!

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