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which treatment is better for asian skin with thick black hair, LASER (YAG) or IPL

  • Parry
  • 3 years ago

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Can someone please answer the same question for me please in regards to which treatment is better for Asian skin with thich black hair Laser YAG or IPL


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The ans is late in coming I just saw this post and its August 12.
Asians have a darker complexion even if the skin appears light the genetics must be accounted in the evaluation. The yag is a gold standard for darker skin types fitzpatrick IV-VI. IPL can be used but the operator must be an expert in darker skin types and the fluences adjusted accordingly. So in my medical opinion YAG is better because it would have less risks.
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Hi Parry,

I've posted your question to our doctors Q&A page. You should hopefully get a response from a board certified doctor soon. You will get an email whenever a doctor responds.

You can get to your question by clicking here



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Thanks Britt.
But could not find my answer for specifically hair removal. i know you have to be careful for asian skin coz can have more complications.
Thats why I am a bit concerned and want to know what would be better option for me.

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Hi Parry,

I checked the site for Asian skin questions about lasers. I found in the laser Q&A info about Asian skin and lasers. I know it's not about hair removal, but maybe the doctors might be have provided a useful answer. Hope it helps.

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