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On tray 3 on my upper - still waiting on my lower trays!

  • Noggin85
  • 4 months ago

I had 4 teeth removed and my trays fitted in the same appointment. I had a bit of a hard time but I'm fine with that now. The problem is the lower tray was agony and didn't got correctly so my dentist told me to take it off and he had to take photos to send to invisalign. Being as it's Christmas and I'm in the uk things have been pretty slow. I'm back in today to have an impression and a retainer so keep the teeth from moving while my lower invisalign is made and set to my dentist. So, I'm halfway through tray 3 and still no lower tray! Looks like it'll be mid January by the time I get my lower so I'll be on tray 5 by then! I can't find anything similar on google. Had anyone else had this? I think I'm more concerned about changed the trays on different days and the trays being in different packets?? Will they be in the same packet but with different numbers? Or will the wrong lower still be in with the correct uppers? Thanks in advance

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Huh.  What a good question.  I'm going to see if I can try to find an answer to you, but I'm guessing it'll be tough and you'll just end up finding out once you get your tray.  But I'm going to try!
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The orthodontist will repackage the aligners for you when the new ones come in -- don't worry about it. I've had this done when I was done with the upper trays early, and when I had refinements for my lowers.
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Thank you so much for answering this!!! :D
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Thank you! I asked him on Monday and he said he'd make sure they are changed on the same day but he wasn't sure about the packets because he'd never had this happen before. Hopefully he'll repackage them for me. Thanks again!
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