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Has Anyone Travelled Our of State for a Facelift?

  • Lady Porsche
  • 2 years ago

Has anyone ever had a facelift done out of state?  I had a f/l when I was 50 and it was great!!  P/S moved out of state and now I am 62 and ready for a touch up f/l.  What are the pros and cons of having him do the facelift?

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Hi, Yes I have had a facelift done in Mexico in March of this year. I had a great outcome. It's been 8 months. Check my story out. I have pictures. this will take you to my review--->
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I in in the same boat. Had an excellent FL at 50, but I moved far away. Now I am 65 and have to go out of town. Fortunately it is only 3 hours drive, husband coming for first 24 hours, but I will be in a full service hotel for a week. Doctor is half a block away. I have visited the hotel, and the suite has a small kitchen, hotel has 5 restaurants that deliver. I do not care if people look at me funny and have a long wig, scarves and big sunglasses. I intend to stay 2 weeks if necessary. Then I will come home for 2 weeks. Back for a post op. I can do this because I have the time and confidence in the surgeon. I also am in medicine and know about hematomas and infections, so I will be watching and going to see the nurse daily. I am organized and have ice packs, head cradles, and a lovely iPad to watch movies. Hotel has HBO. I plan on very simple meals.
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