Traveling for your mommy makeover: What to bring + tips

  • prebabybodplz
  • New York
  • 1 year ago

Grannie panties - like 15 pairs fajas 2 different sizes    (wasn't needed don't waste your money)

vitamins (only because i had them to take pre-op)

azo yeast meds (helps prevent it after taking all the antibiotics)

first aid spray hand sani clorox wipes

measuring tape

stool softner (important)

pain killers (i ended up taking mine instead of what was prescribed)

bathing suit (wanting to enjoy my last day of summer)

i went early makeup (no need to look blah)

night tees button down sleep shirt

house slippers

yoga shorts (didnt wear them)

tee shirts (didnt wear them)

wife beaters/ marinas /vests 

depends pampers (definitely used these....SUPER helpful first 3 days)

poise pads (helps with my limited speed to the bathroom)




laptop & charger w/phone 

charger summer dresses (the only things i wore out there)


ace bandages (hey you never know)


toothbrush & paste


medical tape


scar cream (not needed until 15 days post op)


sports bras (was more comfy than wired bras)


bug spray

crystal light (i hate plain water)


MONEY (i took cash, swapped out about 1,000usd)


LOCKS for suitcase since i had cash

flight itinerary

sandals (regular flip flop style is BEST)

hair bands and bobby pins

sun screen

alcohol ..... which i personally forgot DARN  

-ladies POETIC JUSTICE styles are NOT ideal, they are heavy, long and in the way. Especially when you can barely raise your arms from the back lipo to put it up. braids itself are a great idea anything that desn't have to be maintained while you're recovering. 

-a translator is sooooooo helpful (i went to DR)

-DO NOTTTTT buy fajas before your procedure. Matter a fact, you'll be wearing the 2nd post op garment GIVEN to u by your doc for like 3-4 weeks. You will NOT know what size you'll need after, just know it needs to be TIGHT, especially after you take your drain out. 

-walking is good post op, too much isnt. take it easy. Walk to stretch, bathroom, living room for the tv, bathroom trips ONLY, dont try to force a stroll in the park. Im 2 weeks post now and i cant walk a block with out my back feeling like its about to give out on me (because im not 100% straight as yet).

-an international phone or phone cards are a MUST. Calls out from DR was $2+ a minute and texts were 50cents. Trust me its cheaper. 

-if you have a smart phone ask your doc if they have 'whatsapp' so you can text and send photos when needed without your rates going up. 

-ask your recovery home if they have wifi. you probably will be bored without it if you have your laptop or phone. 

-pack clothes you dont mind getting stained, you will leak fluids. a gauze holds but only so much. mostly for when you're at the home. 

-a tummy tuck is a MAJOR procedure. Dont treat it like its nothing, do not force your body to stand straight, do NOT attempt to sleep on your stomach, atleast until you got the ok. REST UP, you're healing when you're napping.

-do be prepared for random jolts of pain. its your nerves repairing and reattaching itself to your skin that was lifted off of it during lipo. **** and skin sensitivity. the rubbing from the faja made those areas so sensitive, a simple hug hurts me. 

-take things one day at a time PLEASE. Read other peoples experiences. ITS HELPFUL.   you can always check out my blog for updates and my personal experiences and photos.