Traveling with BBL

  • Clarky2677
  • Miami
  • 2 years ago

Hello Ladies! I am considering doing BBL surgery with dr j, in Atl, and I want to know how long should I plan to stay there? Is it better to pay more for a hotel with amenities like laundry onsite, full kitchen etc. Should I pay for a service, someone to come help me, or will my husband be capable enough? Thanks for any info you can give me :)   Feel free to add any other advice you would like to give about your experince

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I think I found where I'm going to stay, but I need to find out if they have shuttle service to and from from the airport. There is a place called studio one. it is an extended stay place. They quoted me at 616 for two weeks and they have a full kitchen in each room and laundry facility onsite for customers to use. 616 in atl with dr j.
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