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Can transferred fat to the face be reduced/eliminated? Yes! By acupuncture.

  • There Is Hope
  • Seattle
  • 1 year ago

I joined RealSelf just to get the word out.  I want to let all my suffering sisters to know that ThereIsHope. I went to Dr. Enyou Yu here in Seattle four months after my own fat transfer disaster.  In the first hour, the asymmetrical hump on my right cheek dissolved like a glacier into the sea.  It felt like a miracle.  After 3 more sessions spread over 6 days, the ball-like contours of both cheeks and 70% of the overall fat had been absorbed. My treatment was interrupted by my having to leave town, but when I came back we resumed.  In just a very few more sessions, the fat was mostly gone. Even now, at 16 months post-op, I went in the other day for a small patch left on my left front cheek.  With one needle, it too was gone.

PLEASE NOTE:  Acupuncture is only as effective as the hands that wield the needles. I had seen someone who was supposed to be skilled in facial rejuvenation, at only five weeks post-op.  Seven sessions with him brought no change. If you can’t come to Seattle and spend a week or so to have at least 3 sessions with Dr. Yu, and you don’t know anyone who has a good acupuncturist, I recommend going to a pharmacy in the Chinese section of your city.  The pharmacies usually have doctors on the premises to consult with and diagnose patients. (Their potent herbal treatments helped me tremendously through menopause.)  Ask one of these doctors to recommend an acupuncturist.  American acupuncturists can be skilled and competent, but I believe something like this needs the subtlety of a Chinese doctor. Acupuncture is also wonderful for your facial tone, for your body, for your mind.  And the relief of looking in the mirror and seeing your own face again is indescribable, especially after being told, over and over and over again, “there’s nothing you can do.”  There is.

Good luck to all! ThereIsHope.