I'm Torn Between 2 Doctors: Dr. Jimerson or Dr. Salama?

  • USA
  • 1 year ago

I know both doctors do great work, I've seen the pictures and read the reviews.  But I want to make sure that I do this right the 1st and only time.  If I'm going to pay for this and this surgery is the cost equivalent to a down payment on a car... then I am going to ride the brakes off of this job!

So with that being said, Dr. Jimerson can give me that sculptured booty that I desire, I just don't want to go as big as a 'Buffy the Body' style.  And Dr. Salama can give me that Coca Cola shape and J.Lo booty.  I want something in the middle.  I'm 5'11 and I'm a regular girl.  Not flashy, not over the top, just me.... But just wait till I get my new b o o t y, I'm gonna be outta control!  lol.

In the grocery store everyday, pumping gas, washing my truck... ok, I'm focused.  Sorry I got excited for a second. I think the wait is killing me the most.  My phone consult is scheduled waaay out till Oct 2013 with Dr. J and I haven't heard back from Dr. Salama yet.  I think I may even check out Dr. Dodd, she does nice work too.