Top 10 Rhinoplasty Tips For Before and After Surgery

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Rhinoplasty Tips
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Once you've consulted with a few different board certified plastic surgeons and have decided on a doctor who has elite credentials and has performed many rhinoplasties, you are ready to start preparing for surgery.

1. It is important to discontinue the use of any aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, and herbal supplements two weeks before and two weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery. ~ William Portuese, M.D.

2. Stop smoking for at least two to four weeks before surgery. Nicotine can horribly inhibit healing.

3. Stock up on prescriptions ahead of time if possible.

4. Make sure you have plenty of lip balm and cool beverages on hand. (Your mouth will get VERY dry from breathing through it.) 

5. Enlist the help of a relative or friend to help with your first couple days and nights post-surgery. It's great to have support, someone to fetch your beverages and soft foods, and a person to keep track of when you've taken your meds and when you'll need more.

6. Make sure you and your doctor are on the same page about what you want done to your nose and what you do not want done. This is no time to be a shrinking violet. Speak up or you may regret it later.

Rhinoplasty Before
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7. If you are feeling extremely anxious, schedule another appointment with your surgeon to alleviate your fears and ask more questions.

8. Arrange transportation for after your surgery. You will not be able to drive yourself home after rhinoplasty.

9. Do anything strenuous that needs to be done before surgery. You'll want to avoid heavy lifting for at least three weeks post-op.

10. Bring comfortable clothes to return home in. Front buttoning tops are better than shirts that pull over your head.


1. Elevate your head while you sleep to decrease swelling.

2. Avoid bumping the nose (pets, bed mates, small children: watch out!), avoid workouts and straining for two weeks, and call the office with questions. ~ David C. Pearson, M.D.

3. A low-salt diet is recommended to help minimize fluid retention in the nasal tip. This type of diet should begin starting the day before surgery. ~ William Portuese, M.D.

Rhinoplasty After
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4. Eat soft foods for the first week or two.

5. Don't wear glasses normally for four weeks following rhinoplasty. If you wear glasses, then you should either tape them onto your forehead or use some sort of cushion like foam to wedge in between your glasses and nose. This will allow you to wear your glasses but not disrupt your nose from healing. You should do this for about four weeks and then you can wear your glasses as you normally would. ~ Carlo Honrado, M.D.

6. Wear sunscreen and hats for several months after surgery to promote healing and prevent swelling.

7. Follow these nose blowing tips offered by Anil Shah, M.D.:

• Rhinoplasty without  septoplasty: May blow nose with care at two weeks after surgery
• Rhinoplasty with septoplasty: May blow nose with care at four to six weeks after surgery
• Rhinoplasty with septal perforation repair: May blow nose with care at twelve weeks after surgery

8. If you're experiencing pain, stay on top of your medication schedule. If you let the pain escalate too much, it can be difficult to get it under control again.

9. If you feel sleepy, take a nap. Sleeping promotes healing, so take advantage of this down time.

10. Keep in mind that swelling can take weeks, months, even a year or two to totally subside. What you see in the beginning, is not how you will look once you are healed.

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