Top 10 Lifestyle Lift tips

  • 3 months ago

A Lifestyle Lift is a branded mini-lift (mostly focusing on the neck and lower face, plus some add ons for eye work and laser treatments if desired). It is sometimes called the "lunchtime lift" but as you'll see below, don't expect to go back to work right after your surgery. Following are tips to find the right Lifestyle Lift doctor for you and to get the best results possible.


1. Choose your doctor wisely. Just like any cosmetic surgery, you should only consider board certified plastic surgeons to do your Lifestyle Lift.
“Only doctors employed by Lifestyle Lift can do their "patented " procedure so be very careful to make sure you use a doctor you know, who is on staff at a local hospital and will be there to take care of you in an emergency, not a corporate office” ~ Steven Schuster, M.D.

2. Find out who to contact late at night or on a weekend if you have a post-op healing issue.

3. Ask to speak with two or three of the doctor’s past patients to get an idea of how happy he or she is with their results.

4. Ask to see before and after photos of people who’ve had Lifestyle Lifts with your prospective surgeon.

Lifestyle Lift done by David Q. Santos, M.D.

5. Make sure you get to meet your doctor and ask questions before surgery. If you only meet with a marketing advisor or nurse and not the actual doctor, consider this a red flag.

6. Quit smoking at least a month before your surgery and stay nicotine-free for a month after and ask your doctor which medications you should discontinue. Smoking greatly increases your risk of serious complications, as do some medications.

7. Lifestyle Lifts are generally performed under local anesthesia/sedation rather than under general anesthesia. Make sure you are comfortable with this before proceeding.


8. Sleep with your head elevated for as long as your doctor recommends, reduce your salt intake and wear your compression garment for the recommended time period to reduce swelling.

from tlscag53's review

9. Take at least a week off work.

“Any person who is getting a facelift that will yield lasting results will require more than 4 days to recover. I always inform my patients that they will need a minimum of 7 days to recover and more often they will require 10-14 days. If you rush your recovery you put yourself at a much increased risk of post-operative complications that ultimately will delay your recovery and jeopordize your results.” ~ Todd C. Miller, M.D.

“The time to return to work generally is very close to the seven-day mark after Lifestyle Lift procedure. This can vary; there are individuals who can return as soon as four days and then there is a small population that require up to two weeks. But generally a week is needed. There are areas that require healing in and around the ears and the most that can be done to minimize the swelling and increase the healing is needed and required and very helpful. Specifically no exertional activity and refraining from aspirin and ibuprofen are quite helpful. Trying to rush back into work after a few days is not generally the best thing to do as we like for the areas to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is best to at least take 7 days off of work and play.” ~ David Q. Santos, M.D.

10. Don’t expect to look or feel great right away.

“Unfortunately, many patients who have a lifestyle lift are not aware that they are actually having a lower facelift and neck lift. The advertising claims that their patients are essentially healed within a few days and back to their normal routines. This is completely misleading. It is normal for you to have swelling and brusing for a few weeks following a facelift. Most of the visible swelling will resolve over the first two weeks but you may feel swelling for a few months. In my interaction with lifestyle lift patients I have found that many of them did not feel properly prepared for the procedure. I woud be patient, continue icing, wearing your compression garment, and avoiding strenuous activity for the next few weeks. Make sure that you have follow up scheduled with your surgeon.”
~Todd C. Miller, M.D.

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