What would you do tomorrow/for the rest of your life if nobody was judging and money wasn't an issue?

  • Nicole Karlis
  • 1 year ago

Hey BBL sisterhood, 

It's Nicole here from RealSelf. We're working on an article for the content team about what people would do for the rest of their lives if judgement and money weren't issues. 

What would you do?? Curious to hear your answers, thanks!

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I'd settle in Geneva, Switzerland, buy a second flat in the 7me Arrondissment in Paris, a small pied a terre in Paris and a home in Sardinia. I'd spend the rest of my life reading, traveling, and doing volunteer work.
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I meant "a small pied à terre in New York."
Haha, we have the same plan! Except for Geneva. Make that Singapore and we're on.

I would definitely travel more, make sure my family was okay, adopt way too many puppies and then probably set up some sort of charity.

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Travel...entertain family n friends...and more plastic surgeries!!!
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Nicole, what would you do?

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Simply put, after traveling the world, I'd settle down in Hawaii to write, read and teach yoga. 

What about you?