Toddlers + Tummy Tucks!

  • CA_mama408
  • San Jose, CA
  • 3 years ago

I have a 2 1/2 year old who is the biggest mommies boy EVER. He always has to climb on me to hug me, squeeze me, kiss me (my fault because i love his attention) and pounce on me and play with my tummy fat, or pull up my shirt so he can lay his face on my belly. He's obsessed with my belly. I think he sees it as an equivalent of a security blanket. He hasnt been away from me for a full 24 hour period (my fault, because im just as attatched to him as he is to me. Luckily my surgery is on a Monday, so my mom is going to take him monday night, tuesday day and night,wednesday day and night and the babysitter will pick him up on thursday. I'm still unsure about him coming home to stay the night on the 4th day after surgery. He still crawls out of his bed at night to climb into bed with my husband and I. that's fine but he has to be cuddled right into me. and since i'll have drains i cant cuddle him since my drains will be on the sides and i have to sleep on my back :(. I'm scared he's going to freak out because i cant hold him on my lap. I know he's going to want to climb all over me and hug me. I'm scared about him tugging on my drains on accident or out of curiosity. Anyone else feeling the same way!??!?!