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Tissue necrosis post long until you healed?

  • Beana
  • 2 years ago

I had a mini TT Jan 18, suffered from tissue necrosis, below my new belly button down to incision, in a triangular shape.  We used silvadine on the necrotic area until it burst open.  PS went in and debrided the area on a Friday, 5 weeks out from tt, we debrided again the following wednesday. I left the hospital two weeks ago with a wound vac, have since developed a yeast infection on the skin surrounding my wound, so now we have moved onto wet to dry dressings 3x a day, and treating the yeast with nystatin powder.  If you have ever suffered from the necrotic tissue, how long once the granulated tissue takes over until the wound closes up.  The area started out at 11cm x 7cm.  It has closed in some, certainly much more shallow than it was in the beginning.  Just curious.  I am going to try and post pics

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I had a hole that took 5-6 months to close but now the area looks like a belly button... which I can have revised anytime for free but want to wait until I lose a little more weight. I am sorry you are going through this, it sucks! I am a year post op and am still glad I did it!
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