Tired of adjusting breast-will BL stop this?

  • Marie1988
  • 1 year ago

Im 24 years old, mom to two boys. My breast are very saggy. No matter what bra I get, I'm always adjusting my bra and tugging it down. Its so embarrassing because I have to do it like 100 times a day. Is it only because my breast are saggy? Or my bras aren't good enough? Or do I just hate feeling bras? I just hope this is done with once I get a breast lift!

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sorry that mean't to read i've bought not "book".
hi its mainly that yr bras are not good enough... not necessarily the price. I've book cheap, expensive some fit well and need adjusting others don't. I had a lift in sept and now need to adjust less mainly cause there is less weight (also had stuff under my arms reduced). If u are tugging it down its prob not the right size. hope this helps.

Hmm, have you tried underwires? Or being fitted by a professional?