Any Tips to Help Me Sleep on My Stomach?

  • crash boat puertorico
  • 2 years ago

What Can I Do to Stay on my Stomach I Try and in the Mid of Da Nite I Am on my Bak Wat 2 D

are there any techni. so i can stay on my stomach i have been practicing and i still wind up on my bak by the mid of the nite i am having the bbl don on the 25th of janurary . help

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Thanks a million I'm going to try it I have been using the n
Bobby pillow by my hips and now ima try using a bit more pillows
I got a BBL a lil over two weeks ago and sleeping on your stomach is AWFUL! I basically do it like to make it bearable: lay a pillow at your hips horizontally, and then a pillow vertically on top of that so that it reaches no higher than your collar bone. Then, get a soft, small blanket and fuss with it to make it comfy for your head. You can change how it props your head up so it doesn't irritate your neck so much. You will naturally wake up every so often. SLOWLY raise your head and turn it to the other side and readjust the blanket.
Brilliant! I just tried it to practice. It's much more comfortable than laying flat.

Thanks, Petite!

I had a Gastric Bypass and am at a stable weight. I have a saggy butt and want it lifted and tightened, but need to know if I can sleep on my side post-op.

i think when you get it done .. when you get ready to turn you'll remember ... like me i had my tragus pierced and could not sleep on my left side which is the side i always end up on but even in the midst of sleeping i would turn and then remember or just would feel an "ouch" then i would turn back so hopefully its exactly like that for us! good luck on the 25th
well if its like wen i got my breast done cus before i got ny breast i was able to sleep on my tummy now i just can't .. i will keep u posted........ Lana