Tips for before & after a Mommy Makeover

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I am scheduled for my op on Jan 10th. Having BA, prob a lift also & a TT. Very excited & nervous. I have three kids 7,4 & 18m. My husband will be def around for the first 5 days & after than as needed. Any tips for getting ready & for dealing with post-op?

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Fleet enema- good idea!!! Thanks.
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You know, it may be like everything else in that, if u don't know better u may not miss the recliner? But I still use it for naps and part of the night. If I are back sleeper the bed w pillows will prob due, if not get the recliner cuz u will want to change position :)
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Thanks Molly. I had been on the fence about the recliner (trying to save money). I was hoping to do bed & lots of piillows but I think I need 2 get one.
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Couple other things to add from the "10 things" list. Get a binder now. You will prob come home with one on, but you will want another. Either to exchange while the one is washing, or to alternate for comfort. It is hard to try on binders when you are hunched over with a fresh scar. So get them now! I love my Marena stage 1 with short legs and zippers.

Also (tmi) do a fleets enema the night before surg and maybe even that morning as well. Clean yourself out because anesthesia and pain killers really are constapating.

Get your recliner ready, I'm still sleeping part time in mine. There is no way you can do a flat bed right away. GL!
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I did actually read that and some blogs, but I wondered if there was any kind of checklist somewhere on the forum. I will try to join the mm community. Thanks!
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Hi there,

You might want to check out JenBob's 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before a Mommy Makeover. It has some great info and is funny, too!

Also, I think the best way to get support on RealSelf is to start your story in our wonderful Mommy Makeover community.

Hope this helps!

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