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tips / dealing with family and friends judging you

  • newyear44
  • California City, CA
  • 3 years ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with family or friends who are completely against plastic surgery? I want a nose job, I am 25 have saved up enough and have done all my research the only thing holding me back is my family. They are 150% against surgery and every time I try and bring it up I feel as though I am attacked. I have been accused of being vain, that I will become addicted to surgery and that "everyone gets bullied in school just get over it". I know they love me and don't mean to hurt me. I think they are so quick to be horrible to me about it as they are trying shock/bully me out of doing it. I have tried bringing it up to discuss a couple of times but they have said they don't want to talk about it. Times I have probed so that they would talk about it I end up in tears. I know I am old enough to do it, I just would feel so much more better about doing it with their respect or understanding. I think I would feel very alone and vulnerable especially in recovery if I haven't resolved this issue before I get surgery...any tips/advice will be appreciated! :)