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tips / dealing with family and friends judging you

  • newyear44
  • California City, CA
  • 2 years ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with family or friends who are completely against plastic surgery? I want a nose job, I am 25 have saved up enough and have done all my research the only thing holding me back is my family. They are 150% against surgery and every time I try and bring it up I feel as though I am attacked. I have been accused of being vain, that I will become addicted to surgery and that "everyone gets bullied in school just get over it". I know they love me and don't mean to hurt me. I think they are so quick to be horrible to me about it as they are trying shock/bully me out of doing it. I have tried bringing it up to discuss a couple of times but they have said they don't want to talk about it. Times I have probed so that they would talk about it I end up in tears. I know I am old enough to do it, I just would feel so much more better about doing it with their respect or understanding. I think I would feel very alone and vulnerable especially in recovery if I haven't resolved this issue before I get surgery...any tips/advice will be appreciated! :)

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I have! He just specializes in Rhinoplasty has been doing rhinoplasty for over 20 years, board certified and I love his portfolio. a lot of people that go to him are people needing revision from other bad surgeries. He looked at my face and knew instantly what would bring balance and it looked great on the computer imaging. I have been to some others but I instantly knew he would be the best and was such an expert. From all my research he matches up and I have a good feeling about him :D he costs a tiny bit more than the others but worth it. I'm so nervous and excited!

Okay, now just PLEASE make sure to find a board plastic surgeon who SPECIALIZES in rhinoplasty.

Thank you for your post! I guess you are right and I can't wait forever till they come around-which I don't think they ever will. I just hope everything goes well so they don't do the whole "I told you so" I just hope the recovery isn't stressful because of it. I'm hoping my extended family don't notice as I don't see them often.. I at least have a supportive Bf and my sister isn't for it but she will help me through it and look after me she said
Will let you know what happens! Ekkk excited :D

I'm sorry your family isn't more supportive! That's tough. I have this to say: they don't have to live in your nose. You're 25, you've been through whatever character building that the bullying gave you, and you're ready to not have to think about and hate your nose anymore. I had rhinoplasty (and then revision rhinoplasty) more than 10 years ago, and have had nothing cosmetic done since. Just because you have one procedure doesn't mean it's a gateway drug that will lead to extensive surgery.

I know it would be easier to do this with their blessing, but you don't need it. As long as you have someone to drive you home from surgery and help you fetch things for the first day or so, you can do this. I think your family will be pleasantly surprised as to how natural and still like yourself you look after rhinoplasty.

They're most likely just worried about you and afraid that you won't look like you when all is said and done. Usually rhinoplasty renders pretty natural looking results these days, though.

Good luck and please keep us posted!