Tips and Dealing with Telling Family & Friends About Having Rhinoplasty?

  • newyear44
  • California City, CA
  • 2 years ago

I am 25 and have wanted a different Nose ever since I was a kid.I have a surgeon who I am really happy with and have saved up the money.Problem is my family is REALLY against it.Every time I bring it up there is a heated argument I am accused of being vain,I will become addicted to plastic surgery,I should just 'get over it' etc.Anybody have any tips for better communication and how to get them to understand? I know they will never agree but to some how get them to respect my decision

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Thank you so much for your comment! Really helped :)
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That's not an uncommom occurence. You know, you have to get to a place where, being an adult who makes your own decisions,you do things that make you happy, confident, etc.. instead of seeking approval from those who it really doesn't affect. Calmly tell your family that this is your decision and it will do nothing but build your self-confidence and you want their support (not their approval). When/if they object, "your vain, you'll become addicted" and so on, reiterate that it's for you and your self confidence and happiness. Wish that they would be happy and supportive for youand then just walk out of the room. You don't need, or deserve, the negativity. It's your life. After you get it done be prepared for the negativity to continue for a while but I predict that you will feel so much better about yourself it'll role right off your back. Good luck.
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