Tip appearance 2 months after rhinoplasty

  • fabrizziosurf07
  • Florida
  • 4 years ago

I had nose surgery 2 months ago and the bone like the sides and the bone as a whole is now fine but the tip, like where the cartilage starts appears to be very swollen and my nose nose looks uneven if you look at it from the side you can see it looks strait and as it gets to the cartilage, the bottom part, it looks swollen like i had a bump on it :S i had closed surgery? any ideas..

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Hi Fab, It could be either cartilage that was left behind (usually) or it can be scar tissue. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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Hii is a polly break hard or soft like is it a cartilage defomity or just scar tissue and when can you determine if you have one? thanks
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Hi Fab, Best to let your surgeon examine your nose and let you know that it is healing normal. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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like if you touch it normally is supposed to be hard but when i touch this is like a pillow it goes a long way before hittin cartilage is that good?
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Hi Fab, Give it more time. The tip of the nose takes months to settle. I hope that all turns out well. Dr. P
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