Enough time off from work?

  • nervousvet
  • 2 years ago

Hi ladies, thanks so much for all the helpful info.  I am really enjoying this site and I'm sad I didn't find it earlier when I was researching.   I'm scheduled for July 2 - and it's being paid for by the VA.  I don't have health insurance, only the VA.  My job has very little benefits and I accrue days off at 1.67 days per pay period.  So I will only have 8 hours (1 day) by the time my surgery comes around.  I don't work on the Monday I am having surgery, I am taking my 8 hours on Tuesday, and then I have the 4th of July off.  The 5th and the 6th though I will be working 2 12 hour days that involves 6 hours of driving each day (long story to describe my job).   It's really the only option I have.  With my rate of accrual it will be years before I have "enough" time off.  Am I crazy to even try this?